Greetings from Cindy Keirsey

Well Folks,

Itís time again for me to consider the voluntary certification program for my ICBO or now AACE or ICC certifications.

 For some of us who obtained the certificates some years ago we got accustom to receiving a written re-certification test, looking up the answers in the new code book and then filling in the bubbles on a test form. The testing has now been replaced by adding up CEUís from professional development activities with a long list of possible activities that could earn CEUís that count towards re-certification.

 My professional development activities include clock hours spent in WACE training seminars (.01 for each clock hour of attendance), in house training during employment as a code enforcement officer (1.0 per three year period) and clock hours spent in ICC training.

 I currently have four certifications these include ICC Building Inspector, ICC Combination Dwelling Inspector, AACE Zoning Inspector and AACE Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector.  Per the renewal notice, I will need 4.5 CEUís for 3 or more certificates. With attendance at all of the WACE training seminars for the past three years including the spring and fall training conferences, my total clock hours add up to 63. I will also receive 1.0 CEUís for in house training during employment for the past three years.  I will need to log these activities on the back of the form provided along with a check for $75.00 prior to my expiration date of April 30, 2006. Please note that no grace period is provided and my submittal must be mailed prior to the expiration date. At least for now, documentation of CEUís is not required. I will however need to retain records of my CEU activities which may be requested at any time for auditing purposes.

 I also found out that individuals who have multiple certificates with different expiration dates now have the option of changing to only one date of expiration for all of their certificates. This will make re-certification easier to track and will save money since discounts are applied for multiple certificates being renewed at the same time.

When you combine dates, you may be required to waive the full three year period of active status for some of your certificates.

 For those of you who are anticipating taking the Code Enforcement certification examinations this year please make note of the following. On the list of issues for Certification this year is the re-negotiation of the AACE/ICC contract for 2006.  Currently the contract has language which gives AACE a specific share of the revenue from each test which is designated as an AACE test.  For those AACE members taking the Certification Tests, it is important to specify that you are registering with Promissor for an AACE Examination to assure that AACE receives credit and revenue for your tests.  Currently, there is not a mechanism which easily makes the distinction between whether or not a candidate is taking an AACE or ICC exam. Currently, the majority are being credited to ICC.  One sure fire method of making sure AACE gets credit for your exam is to specify that you are registering for the test with the correct identification number.  The numbers are as follows:

 AACE Zoning Enforcement Officer  - Examination Code 72

AACE Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector Ė Examination Code 61

 The AACE certifications only apply to these two certifications.  The rest of the building inspector certifications are still considered ICC certifications.

 By making sure that you are registered for the proper examination code, AACE will be credited with the examination.  Thanks for your help in understanding the split between the certifications and registering for certification under the right group.

 If you are interested in taking ICC building inspector training seminars hosted by WABO, click the link. A full listing of the classes offered by WABO is available on this link.

 If you have questions regarding certification or re-certification, please call or e-mail your questions to me or any other WACE executive board member. Remember that the WACE group is all about networking and promoting the professionalism of Code Enforcement Officers. I continue to be impressed by the willingness of the members of our group to help answer every day questions, share resources, and assist new officers to become certified code enforcement officers. The Washington State Association has always been a leader in the nation for the number of certified code enforcement officers that we have.

 I encourage all of you to keep your memberships active, attend the training opportunities that are offered and work towards certification if you are not already certified.

 Cindy Keirsey,

Code Compliance Officer

City of Everett

Office (425) 257-8561

Cell (425) 754-2695


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