Trees on right of way

Our city is looking at a large number of older trees in the right of way that are now starting to damage sidewalks and roadways. How many cities require the adjacent property owners to cut down the trees at their own expense before the city will fix the damaged sidewalks and roads? A new forum thre...

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ICC Membership and Certification

Two Questions: 1. What are the benefits and advantages of ICC membership? Does your department have a single membership that employees share or does each CEO have their own membership? 2. What certifications do you have and where is the best place to start? Thank you for your input

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Nice work on the new website!

I just wanted to give kudos to all those involved in the new website design, implementation, and maintenance, the online conference registration and the online payment processing. It was a very smooth and convenient process. I had a little hiccup getting logged in, unrelated to the site, and it was ...

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